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History of Workplace Excellence

Founding partners Glenn Morasch and Dwayne Rae have delivered leadership and safety leadership workshops around the world for the largest oil and gas companies. During the years of facilitating together they began to realize through client feedback that the programs were fabulous, but participants still needed help in applying their new learnings.

It comes back to applying knowledge in a skillful fashion. People usually figure things out through trial and error, but if the error feels too bad then people won’t continue trying to learn the new skill.

In Angola in 2010 working with ExxonMobil an opportunity presented itself to demonstrate to the local leadership that taking the leadership program is a great first step, but coaching would lock the learnings and provide the opportunity to apply the skill. The leadership supported the coaching opportunity and the differences in after program applications was impressive. So much so in fact that the ExxonMobil affiliate ensured that after each session time was given for Glenn and Dwayne to spend a couple days coaching the program and the results have been tremendous.

It was on the plane back to Calgary from Africa that the founding partners agreed to approach the Global training group owners and present a new path forward for leadership training and leadership development. Since that partnership was established between Glenn, Dwayne and the owners of Global training centre and Global International WE has seen the coaching and leadership development portion grow at astonishing rates. The ExxonMobil Angola operation continues to bring WE’s founding partners back twice a year to hold leadership sessions and then provide coaching, and the leadership development and coaching component has spread from Angola to Papua New Guinea to Malaysia and all over North America for other multinationals as well.

Our current coaching and Leadership development partners include ExxonMobil, Shell, Centrica, Cenovus, EnCana and service companies like Strike Energy, Big Country Pipeline and Jomax drilling.

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