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How WE Do it

Workplace Excellence does not believe in a one size fits all approach. Our clients have affiliates “everywhere”, and this means that sometimes cultural, religious and workplace beliefs differ and are shaped much deeper than many other coaching organizations acknowledge. The first stage that WE employs is an analysis of what the challenges are within the organization. Once this is understood WE coaches begin a process linking the organizational performance to behaviours. Once the link between performance and behaviour is understood the WE coach uses the Workplace Excellence Intelligence tools to create a succession plan.

Organizational results are directly linked to internal behaviours...once the behaviours are identified, a change mechanism is incorporated to ensure the success our partner organizations require. This means that at multiple layers within an organization a commitment to improvement must be adopted. Everyone gets coached...all the way up the chain to the senior executive and down the chain to the newest hire.

Our world wide exposures have shown us that understanding behaviours and linking those behaviours to “why did a person choose this action” is the key. Far too often people make the comment after seeing a behavioural that, “that person was not motivated to follow the policy or procedure”. WE see it differently, WE say this instead, “what motivated that person more to not follow the policy or procedure”? Far too many of us have been rewarded for not following the rules...the first step is understanding what motivated an individual to choose the behavior...and that is WE’s specialty.

Once the motivation is understood, WE begins the process of individual candidate assessments (PLAs) and then using the DiSC behavioural tool for Personal Action Plan creation. In order to get where you want to must understand why you started where you did. That’s where the Workplace Excellence Intelligence model comes in.

WE cant give away all of our secrets...but hopefully you get a picture of what WE is and “how WE does it” when do you want to create your Workplace Excellence?

If you are interested in a completing a free online PLA please contact us via our site on the contact us page and WE can begin to show you how our Workplace Intelligence tools work.


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