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"creating wealth through workplace excellence"

Leadership Development

"Creating Wealth through Workplace Excellence"

Workplace Excellence was founded in 2010 as a “Leadership Development” organization. Co-founders Glenn Morasch and Dwayne Rae shared a mutual passion delivering leadership and safety leadership training sessions around the world for companies such as Exxon Mobil, Shell, Chevron and many others. Working together since 2008 delivering the world class SEFSAM program (Safety Excellence For Supervisors and Managers) between North America, Africa, Europe and Asia Glenn and Dwayne were tasked by an Exxon affiliate to “coach” and “develop” a young team. The end result was a focus on developing “strengths” that already existed in each candidate and then aiding each candidate with behaviours which were identified as “improvement opportunities”.

The result was described by the client as “Workplace Excellence” and hence the name of our organization. WE are dedicated to coaching and developing candidates with our clients. WE continues to work towards creating Workplace Excellence for our valued clients in many diverse locations. Our biggest learning as the owners of Workplace Excellence has been that no matter the language, no matter the location, there is an incredible need for Leadership development.

Our coaches utilize several WE designed tools to establish benchmarks and ensure the candidate is developed to their maximum potential. The success of our organization is measured in the behaviours of our candidates through a strong corporate culture.

A foundation of our coaching program is co founder Glenn Morasch’s “Four Values of Business Model”. Glenn’s model brilliantly demonstrates the relationship between money, production, time and HSE (Health Safety and Environment) and WHY people are choosing the behaviours that define the organization.

The “Four Values of Business Model” is a centre piece of the WE coaching strategy as a learning tool used in conjunction with Workplace Excellence’s Intelligence model.

Our success is shown by the behaviours demonstrated by our clients...our repeat customers assure that our model and tools work.

So when do you want to create Workplace Excellence?

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