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Training and management courses that Workplace Excellence has developed with clients are as follows:

  • Due Diligence training
    Our half day seminar has helped hundreds of managers, supervisors and workers begin to understand their roles in ensuring safe work. This realization in the classroom is translated into strong performance in the field when making decisions that effect safety and production.
  • Proactive Safety Principals
    Workplace observation and intervention programs or Behavioral Based Safety programs (BBS) are common in the workforce now. Workplace Excellence designed a “proactive” behavioral program that incorporates combined technical content. Through humourous role playing and interaction an entire team begins to see the challenges and opportunities in individual and team performance. Anyone attending the Proactive Safety Principals program has learned “WHY” behavior based training is important and WE have given them the tools to use that knowledge.
  • HIAC - Hazard Identification Assessment and Control
    The HIAC program was designed specifically to aid teams in the three components of Risk Management; identification, assessment and control. Technical content is mixed with the reality of worker and manager challenges and as barriers are discussed, ways to break the barriers and increase awareness and participation are learned.
  • Centrica Energy TDG Online (Transportation of Dangerous Goods Online)
    Our online program is available for Centrica users to gain TDG online through our Global Training Centre partnership, please click on the link (title) to ensure you have met your company’s TDG requirements today.
  • Understanding Ourselves
    The value in people knowing their individual traits and predominant behaviors is invaluable as an self awareness tool. Workplace Excellence has taken one of the most commonly referred to personality assessments and built and awareness session around the personal profiling. We use the disc assessment tool and then work with work teams to identify where potential behavioural issues may exist and then provide insight into “HOW TO” behave in a manner that will appeal to everyone. Self awareness is critical to ensuring personal success and this 4 hour program provides a valuable individual and team building mechanism.

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